Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mud concrete

I recently spent a saturday morning on site, watching road-laying.
This was not an ordinary tar-road.We laid the road with mud-concrete. The contours on site gave us a strong base for the concrete; the subsoil was reatined by trenching and concreting the trenches - creating a retaining wall of the concrete.
the drain was naturally sloped off from the road, in a 1:96-100 gradient; finished in the same concrete.
The red soil collected from the trenching and levelling was used as aggregate for the concrete; the inherent pebbles and boulders which partially eliminated the need for the jelly. The mud substituted for the sand, and added a red colour to the concrete, thereby complementing the proposed green beds on either side.
The surface was finally manually compacted and levelled, and finished off with a raked-texture on top.

Measurement and marking
Excavation by the JCB
Concreting the trenches

Compaction by hand
Levelling and texturing of the surface

The finished road (just after levelling).